Christopher Ireland

Christopher Ireland Photography

[email protected]
0422 152 642

Agency Representation

The Pool Collective, Australia
02 9565 4011


Cameron Gray
[email protected]

Intro Video Credits

Model — Ilda Lindqvist (London)
Stylist — Janai Anselmni
Hair Makeup — Margo Regan
Assistant — Joel Prattley
Producer — Courtney at The Pool Collective

Thanks to Colin & Dan at Sun Studios for their generosity and support

Website & Branding

ED. — Chris Halloran & Daniel Lever

Christopher Ireland is an observer.

His sensitivity and natural intuition make him the perfect man to Direct and Capture life's real characters.

Christopher is now highly sought after for this unique talent, something he began to develop very early in his career, when at the age of just 25, he toured Australia with the deeply moving and sensitive exhibition BREATHE.

Believing the Director's footprint should be carefully made, Christopher's highly considered and measured approach, as well as his meticulous preparation has made him a hit with agencies and clients requiring a human breakthrough in their campaigns.

Christopher is a member of the award-winning agency The Pool Collective.

Clients include Samsung, McDonald's, Canon, Kellogg's, Australian Chamber Orchestra, AMP, Harley Davidson and Bonds.